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West Clinical Research

Providing the highest quality clinical research site experience

for patients, sponsors, and CROs.

Research Areas of Expertise

Orthopedic Surgery

Diagnostic Testing



Alzheimer's Disease




Research Areas of Expertise

Who we are...

We Trust each other.

Communication is our foundation and communication is built with trust. Trust is created when you can rely on something.  Much like mountain-climbers rely on their ropes and rigging, we rely on the words and actions of those around us.  Like the ropes of a climber we build trust by catching our peers when they fall and helping them summit the mountain of success. 

We are Caretakers.

We are Teachable.

People are at their best when they're trusted to do their job, safe to speak freely, and encouraged to make choices on their own.  As caretakers, we work tirelessly to ensure our peers can always approach us on both their best and worst days and know they will be treated with respect and care.

We're voracious learners and are unceasing in our pursuit of personal and professional growth. We believe in the effectiveness of vulnerability and in the power of learning from others.

We are Lucky.

We believe that 1+1=3.

Luck is being prepared when opportunity presents itself. We are obsessed with being prepared and creating systems which can adapt to new opportunities.

A team of people is more effective than the sum of its parts. When people come together to build toward something better, far more is achieved than any amount of individuals working separately.  

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4218-C Arendell street

Morehead City, NC 28557



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Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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