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Capabilities and Services

Startup Metrics

CTA & budget execution          2-3 weeks

Site Selection to Greenlight     1 Month

Feasibility Response                 48 Hours

Greenlight to Screening           3 days

Single CTA/MSA across network

Centralized study startup

Patient Demographics

600,000 Diverse population

23%   African American

8%     Hispanic

66%   Caucasian

1%     Native American


-80C & -20C Freezers

2-8C Refrigerators

Wifi Temperature Loggers

Xray, MRI, MRE, ECGs, Ultrasound, CT, etc.

Calibrated Scales, Blood pressure, etc, 

Ambient/Refrigerated Centrifuges

Unblinded Pharmacy and locked storage areas

Biosafety Cabinet and IBC NIH registration

and more...


Phase I-IV Studies

Full Library of Research SOPs

Intra Articular Injections

Gene Therapy & mRNA studies w/ IBC Approval

Monitoring rooms

eSource & eRegulatory (Remote monitoring ok)

Dedicated Research Staff

Dedicated Research Lab

Complex Questionnaires/Assessments/Endpoints

Research Areas of Expertise

Orthopedic Surgery

Our access to operating rooms and the use of central IRBs results in accelerated study startup timelines

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic and companion testing studies with large diverse patient populations, accelerated startup ,and high patient volumes


WCR has met 100% of enrollment goals in all of our previous Osteoarthritis studies.


Our team has experience with the delicate nature of conducting obesity and weight loss studies.

Alzheimer's Disease

Diverse patient populations and an extremely limited number Alzheimer's studies ongoing in our region


WCR can conduct a multitude of Pain studies utilizing industry proven pain scales and metrics for consistent endpoint evaluation


Our operations team has a proven track record of exceeding enrollment targets, eDiary compliance, and accelerated study startup timelines.


Our primary care and cardiology clinic partnerships provide a large searchable population of patients with dyslipidemia.


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